God's Little Helpers
Ages 5 - 8
 Sunday Mornings 10:00  AM

Linda Shaw and Beatrice Resendez co-teach this class.  They do a great job with the kids. 

This is a special age where children soak in everything taught to them.  We feel it is a great opportunity to touch children's hearts and to teach them about Jesus. These ladies have a love for kids.  We feel blessed and are amazed by how they learn.  After we teach them, we ask questions and we love how they answer.  One five year old little boy told us what Jesus did in his life.  He said, “Jesus died on the cross for him.”  The kids tell us who they pray for and we are always amazed at how they pray and believe for an answer.

We are honored to teach them about Jesus.  They love Him with all of their hearts.  We pray for The Lord’s wisdom and knowledge to guide these children as He would have me to.  We would love to have your children in our class.

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