Teens In Action
T. I . A.
Ages 13 - 19
Meets Sunday mornings 10:00 AM

EC and Sherry Prickett  have six children and a daughter-in-love, from the ages of 11 to 26. They have 2 grandchildren. They have been blessed to watch them accept Jesus as their Savior and to grow and develop ministries of their own.

Recently, Piper Jones has begun to help teach the youth.  She and her husband, Bryce, serve the Lord and have a love for others.

We know there is a great need to invest in teenagers because we believe they are the leaders of the church of tomorrow.  Our youth ministry is a place for students to build lifelong friendships, experience God personally and be equipped for the work of ministry. When teenagers are devoted to Jesus, they can make a big impact in their homes, schools and other areas of influence.

We would like to invite you to come and become a Teen In Action.  Hope to see you soon.
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